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Fall is a such a beautiful time of year! Now that we are into October, it is hard to believe that our spectacular summer is just a distant memory. October brings homework, afterschool and weekend activities and Halloween and winter preparations. It is a busy time for all of us! The key to staying sane is to make sure you are organized every evening for the next day so that there are no morning scrambles of missing things. Make sure the lunches are made and kids have their backpacks ready and clothing is picked out before bed. There are so many things you can do to make sure every day goes smoothly. Have a large family calendar where you diarize all events for each family member. You may even want to colour code notes on the calendar for each member of your family. Check out our great tips this month on staying organized.

Have you planned your Halloween fun yet? It is about being organized once again. No need to purchase costumes. You can make homemade ones with stuff you have in our closets or swap with friends. It blows me away every October when I see the shelves and shelves of costumes and decorations for this holiday that last one day...or a few hours. Check out our Halloween Pages in this issue.

I love the change in seasons and it is an exciting time for my husband and I because we are downsizing to a smaller home this month. It is bittersweet as we love our home where we raised our two sons and created so many family memories. But our sons are now men living their lives in Toronto and Melbourne, Australia and the big house is just too much space for just the two of us. It has been a lot of fun going through our son's rooms and the basement...finding scrapbooks, pictures, hockey cards, books, toys, games, hockey sticks, rocking horses and Lego that formed their childhood and teenage years. So many memories of music blaring, homework, hockey practices, school events, bickering brothers, hockey and more hockey. Time does not stand still and I look forward to change and the next chapter in our new home. Our sons will be coming home in November to see our new home where we will create new memories and family traditions. Life is good!

I wish you a Safe and Happy Halloween and a great November!


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